Lell Trogdon

I have always accepted that I am a good storyteller, but not a great writer. What I did not realize when I hired Melissa was her considerable scope for internet publishing! Despite being completely overwhelmed with the process of building a web page, Melissa guided me through the difficult patches and assured me that the content was valid for building readership. She researched and shared excellent tools for helping me understand blogging and even managed to coerce me into the world of Twitter as a marketing tool. I was also astounded at how quickly, as an editor, she found my voice. When I post a new blog, it is clearly written in my style, my voice, and my intent but presents professionally and visually through her proper punctuation and grammar.

In short, Lell In A Hand Basket exists because I had the sense to hire the perfect editor. Melissa consistently edits in record time, offers valid and informative suggestions for formatting, presentation and growth, and fixes broken links and formatting issues. I have also hired Melissa to edit a book about Lell’s Café. With one read through, Melissa saw the potential for a more relevant format and solved several of my issues with story content. I look forward to moving into the publishing phase knowing that I have hired someone that understands the rules and regulations of publishing with excellent editorial guidance.

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