Jason G.

Mothers day 2014 604When I started Fail-Flix, it was a text-only blog site. I began to add pictures here and there, but I wasn’t seeing much of an increase in traffic and attention, and there were a lot of issues with the site that I didn’t like at all and didn’t know how to fix. I requested a blog review as a Hail Mary, and the results were incredible! The packet I got back from them was amazing, and showed me everything that was wrong with my site AND how to fix it! Now the site has been completely overhauled, every review goes to Clicking Keys for editing before it is published on the site, and my traffic has increased substantially! Now I can rant about Hollywood’s crappiest on a site that is easy to manage, easy to navigate, and entertaining to look at! Thanks to Clicking Keys, Fail-Flix is finally taking off!

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