What happens during an edit? 

I always read through the piece twice to ensure that I provide quality work. If something definitely needs to be changed (typo, grammar, punctuation, etc.), I will change it in the text using track changes. If something may need to be changed but is at the author’s discretion, I will leave a comment instead of making the change. More details about how the process works are included on the pricing pages.

What types of books do you edit?

My favorite genres are urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and historical fiction. However, I am open to just about any genre, including non-fiction. The only things I will not edit are works that glorify rape, violence against children, or violence against animals.

How do I pay for your services?

Currently, I use PayPal and will send an invoice for the work to the email you provide.

When is payment expected?

At least 50% of the total payment must be received before work is started. The remaining balance must be paid before the final files are returned.

Can I mail a check?


Why is editing so expensive?

The simple answer is that it is time consuming.

The more complex answer is that it is time consuming. Sure, it’s fun to get paid to read books, but if I want to provide quality editing, it takes far more time and effort than just reading the book. I read everything twice and often read some passages and sections multiple times. I keep a list of important information for each character (What color was the protagonist’s eyes on page 4? Are they they same color on page 201?), spelling preferences for the author (theater or theatre?), and other things that are important to the story. I often draw pictures of the layout of a particular place, especially if I am editing developmentally or copy editing. I want to make sure every detail is right.

What if I don’t like your work?

I will consider all requests for refunds, but refunds are not guaranteed.  Please let me know how I did not meet your expectations, and I will work to remedy that first.

Can you get the work done super fast?

Possibly. Additional charges may apply.

Will you tell me my work is great and perfect?

Only if it really is. I do look for the good things in the stories, and I will point them out, but my job is not to tell you that something that needs work is great. I want to help you make your work as good as it can be.

Will you edit on hard copy instead of electronically?

If you pay for printing and shipping, I’d be glad to mark up a hard copy. (Sometimes that’s actually better if I am proofreading a formatted book.)

Can you guarantee I’ll get published?

Unfortunately, no. However, I can promise that I will provide you with the best service, recommendations, and editing that I possibly can.

Hey, you edit for Falstaff Books! Can you get me a job or publishing contract with them?

Nope. Sorry. I try to keep those things separate.

Are you published?

Yes. I write under the pen name Melissa McArthur. My website is HERE. I have only, so far, published short stories because my career focus is on editing. I do love telling a good story though. I have works published with Falstaff Books, Lore Seekers Press, Mocha Memoirs Press, and FunDead Publications.

What are your credentials to edit for people and own this place? 

  • Bachelor of Arts in English, concentration on literature and language
  • Master of Arts in Education, concentration on mentoring and training
  • Master of Arts in English, concentration on composition and rhetoric
  • More than ten years teaching Writing and English at the college level
  • More than ten years tutoring/mentoring at the college level
  • Three years editing experience, including work with multiple publishers
  • Lead editor at Falstaff Books

Do you have any references?

Yes! Please visit the testimonials page! Other references are available upon request.

Do you use Affiliate Links?

Yes. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This helps cover the yearly cost of managing this site and should have no effect on you, the viewer.

I have a question that you haven’t answered.

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