Proofreading addresses grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and looks for typographical and formatting errors.

Proofreading is the least intensive edit we offer and is designed as a “last polish” before the piece goes to print.

Proofreading rates are calculated based on the number of words in the manuscript.

Please use the contact form below for a pricing quote and scheduling availability.

Submission Guidelines

Files and Formatting:

  • We use the track changes and comments features available in Microsoft Word to make changes and suggestions.  Therefore, files should be in Microsoft Word format.
  • Please format your files for developmental and copy editing in Standard Manuscript Format.
  • Formatted files for proofreading can be sent as a PDF.
  • Please send files as an email attachment.


  • At Clicking Keys, we strive to bring you the best service possible, but we cannot guarantee perfection or publication.
  • We do guarantee that we will work hard to ensure that you receive the best quality work possible and excellent service.
  • Note: Examples given in the descriptions are based on fiction pieces; however, we also edit non-fiction and academic work as well. 
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