Featured Work: Across the Veil by Leann M. Rettell

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Leann M. Rettell on the release of ACROSS THE VEIL, the first book in her Conjuragic Trilogy.

About the Book

Ora Stone’s memories were erased for her protection. She is a witch, hidden in the human realm, hidden from the others of her kind, protected by ancient magic.
On her first day of college, she loses her amulet, releasing her long-dormant powers. Purely by accident, she performs a levitation spell, an action that breaks the Concealment Code and summons Protectors from Conjuragic to investigate. She is arrested and taken Across the Veil to stand trial for her crimes.
In prison, she must work with her Defender to rediscover her past and prove her innocence, but the prejudice against her is daunting. Just when Ora thinks all hope is lost, she discovers her family’s secret buried deep in the heart of a conspiracy within the political world of Conjuragic. Will she decide to fight back, risking her family’s exposure, or leave her fate in the hands of the tribunal?

Across the Veil - Leann M. Rettell

Buy it HERE!

Clicking Keys provided the following services: developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, cover wrap creation

Cover Art by James Christopher Hill

Interior design by S.H. Roddey

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