Featured Work: Heaven Can Wait

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate John Hartness on the release of Heaven Can Wait, the latest installment in his award-winning Quincy Harker series!

About the Book

It’s raining demons in Atlanta, and Quincy Harker and the Shadow Council are humanity’s last great hope for survival.

The demon Orobas has a plan to destroy the world, and only Harker and his team of legacy folk heroes can stop him. Standing against the rising tide of darkness are Harker, the immortal magic-wielding son of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray, Detective Rebecca Gail Flynn of the Charlotte Police Department, and Harker’s uncle Luke, who most people know better as Vlad Dracula. Alongside them fight the descendants of legends – the mysterious Adam, Dr. Watson’s great-grandson Jack, Jo Henry, descended from the famous steel driver John Henry, and Gabby Van Helsing, whose ancestor was Luke’s greatest rival.

This band of humans and monsters have to save the world from Orobas, and whatever terrible force is lurking behind him.

It’s Hell on Earth, so Heaven Can Wait.

— Description from Amazon.com


Click HERE to purchase the book.

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