Featured Work: Sweet Vemon by Gena D. Lutz

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Gena D. Lutz on the release of Sweet Venom!

Sweet Venom is the first in her new Venin Assassin series.

Check it out on Amazon HERE!*

51y3e3jww1lAbout the Book

My name is Cassis Dark, and I am a Spider Venin. My bite is venomous and can paralyze a man within seconds of exposure, and if I choose, it can kill.

When I was a teenager, my stepmother sold me into slavery. As a newly freed woman, I fight to protect the innocent from a world of pain with which I’m all too familiar.

The evils that stalk the night aren’t all human. Good thing for their intended victims…neither am I.

Clicking Keys provided the following service for this work: copy editing 

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