Featured Work: Pawn’s Stratagem by Darin Kennedy

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Darin Kennedy on the release of Pawn’s Gambit, the first in The Pawn Stratagem series!

 About the Story 


Steven Bauer always thought chess was just a game…

Until the sultry brunette in the little black dress did her best to incinerate him.

Yesterday, he was just an ordinary guy. Today, he is the White Pawn, a combatant in a nightmarish game of chess where people are the pieces, and the world is at stake. To survive the deadly Black Queen, Steven must pull together the rest of his Pieces.

The Knight, a grieving teenage boy caught up in a web of gang violence.
The Queen, a young woman at death’s door, her body ravaged by leukemia.
The Bishop, a disgraced priest haunted by visions of the Game.
The Rook, a suicidal drunk reeling atop a storm-ridden skyscraper.

But Steven isn’t the only one looking for his team, because the Black Queen already has her Pieces assembled…

Pawn’s Gambit is the first book in The Pawn Strategem, a new contemporary fantasy series from author Darin Kennedy (The Mussorgsky Riddle).

—Book description from Amazon.com
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About the Author

Darin Kennedy, born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Bowman Gray School of Medicine. After completing family medicine residency in the mountains of Virginia, he served eight years as a United States Army physician and wrote his first novel in 2003 in the sands of northern Iraq.

His debut novel, The Mussorgsky Riddle, was born from a fusion of two of his lifelong loves–classical music and world mythology–and was published by Curiosity Quills Press in January of 2015. He is currently hard at work on his next novel.

His short stories can be found in various publications, many of which are available through Amazon, and most of which have been collected in his two short story compilations – Necromancer for Hire: The April Sullivan Chronicles & The Sicilian Defense and Other Dark Tales – also available on Amazon.

Doctor by day and novelist by night, he writes and practices medicine in Charlotte, North Carolina. When not engaged in either of the above activities, he has been known to strum the guitar, enjoy a bite of sushi, and rumor has it he even sleeps on occasion.

He is represented by Stacey Donaghy at Donaghy Literary Group.

Find him online at darinkennedy.com.

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