Featured Work: The Giant Leap by Edmund Schubert

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Edmund Schubert on the release of This Giant Leap!

About the Book

“(Edmund Schubert is) a writer I stay up late reading” Faith Hunter, NY Times bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series.

Acclaimed editor Edmund R. Schubert hangs up his editorial hat to explore issues both global and personal in this exquisite short story collection. Life, Death, Aliens, Zombies, Love, Loss, Apocalypse, Space Travel – these are just a few of the topics Schubert looks at in This Giant Leap. In this volume readers will find science fiction, horror, fantasy and new genre blends, all told with Schubert’s characteristic heart and glorious writing style.

“Edmund Schubert writes with flair, with wit, with stunning imagination. His plot lines twist and surprise and, ultimately, satisfy. And his characters remain with you long after you’ve stopped turning the pages. Savor this collection, but beware: When you’re done with these, you’re just going to want more.” — David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson

Stories include:


This Giant Leap

Tangible Progress

A Hint of Fresh Peaches


The Last HammerSong

A Little Trouble Dying

For the Bible Tells Me So

Lair of the Ice Rat

Batting Out of Order

Feels Like Justice To Me

— Description from Amazon.com

Click here to view the e-book on Amazon. 

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