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Services for Writers

Clicking Keys offers multiple services for writers. 

Developmental editing is designed for those who want feedback on their manuscript’s content, organization, development, flow, and coherence as well as limited assistance with grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

The primary focus of developmental editing is content particularly on the story and character arcs. Once the story is developmentally sound, the editor will do a single-pass light copy edit as a second read as a part of the developmental editing price.

Copy editing assumes there are no major changes with content needed and intensely addresses grammar, punctuation, mechanics, consistency, and situational logic. (Ex: does the character sit down twice but not stand up in between?)

With a copy edit, the editor will often create a style sheet to help ensure consistency throughout the piece (capitalization, hyphenation, spelling, etc.)

Proofreading addresses grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and looks for typographical and formatting errors.

Proofreading is the least intensive edit we offer and is designed as a “last polish” before the piece goes to print.

Formatting styles your edited book for print or electronic distribution. Our formatter uses Adobe InDesign to provide high-quality, print-ready formatted text.

Formatting for both print books and e-books is available.

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