Featured Work: Secrets and Sacrifices by Jason Gilbert

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Jason Gilbert on the release of Secrets and Sacrifices, the first novella in The Rifle Chronicles!

 Secrets and Sacrifices

 About the Story 

Talon rides into town and threatens complete annihilation unless Rifle agrees to leave. When Talon takes it to the next level, Rifle and the gang race to the airship to stop him. But is Rifle ready for what awaits him aboard The Reaper?

—Book description from Amazon.com

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About the Author

Jason is an avid reader, writer, and movie-goer who keeps busy with (probably) more projects than can possibly be healthy. He started his dream of writing stories in middle school, and has been at it since. He opened his movie review blog, Fail-Flix, in 2010. Since then, he has published a collection of reviews in hardcover and has launched a digital short story series called The Rifle Chronicles. He lives with his wife and a rambunctious daughter who manage to keep him somewhat in line. Somewhat.

—Author bio from Amazon.com

Clicking Keys provided the following service for this work: copy editing, cover photography and design, and formatting.

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