Featured Work: Wishbone II by Brooklyn Hudson

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Brooklyn Hudson on the release of Wishbone II, the second installment in her best-selling Wishbone series.




About the Book


After escaping Kings Hollow, Julien, in an effort to keep his family whole, denies the emotional and physical scars which came back with them. His wife, Rachael, is tormented by their little girl, Jessica, who now shows signs of possessing the same dangerous gifts as Sarah. Rachael is terrified to be alone with the child she once desperately wished for and decides to end it all. When Jessica goes missing, abducted from the school playground, Julien’s nightmares begin to offer clues as to who might have taken her, drawing him back to Kings Hollow. Only now, Sarah is older, more confident in her abilities and determined to fulfill her desires…at any cost.


—Book description from Amazon.com

Click here to view the e-book on Amazon!  The print edition is coming soon! 

In case you missed it, Wishbone I is available here

About the Author

Originally from New York City, Brooklyn sent out her first publishing query (and received her first decline) at age eleven. Refusing to give up, she studied the masters and gradually honed her fiction skills, determinedly indulging her passion for character development and storytelling. The reigning Queen of Replica-Rock, she wrote, directed, and produced music themed theatrical stage shows for Las Vegas showrooms and touring companies. Throughout the decades, she penned thirteen novels and nine screenplays. She currently lives in Los Angeles with Willow, a tenacious fox squirrel, stealing hearts with his very own Facebook Fan Group, What Did Willow Do? Brooklyn now writes full-time. http://www.brooklynhudson.com http://www.brooklynhudson.blogspot.com
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