Featured Work: Casket Case by John G. Hartness

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate John G. Hartness on the release of “Casket Case,” the latest installment in the Bubba the Monster Hunter series!


Bubba’s back, and he’s running through the graveyard! Somebody’s been digging up bones in a small mountain town in Tennessee, and it’s up to Bubba and the gang to figure out what’s bumping in the night this time! Before he gets done with this case, Bubba will get arrested, get sprung, attend a funeral, hood surf a limo, end up with a Lincoln hood ornament shoved where the sun don’t shine, shoot a bunch of monsters, and blow up a local business.

In other words, it’s Tuesday.


—Book description from Amazon.com

Click here to view the e-book on Amazon!  

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