Featured Work: Lell’s Cafe by Lell Trogdon

Clicking Keys would like to congratulate Lell Trogdon on the release of her first book, Lell’s Cafe: The Story of a Community Supported, Local, and Sustainable Cafe.


This is the story of a little cafe in a relatively small town. Lell’s Cafe served fresh, local, and sustainable breakfast and lunch items. The cafe was a Community Supported Restaurant and came into existence through the generous support of angel investors, local customers, and tireless volunteers. The cafe was much loved by its customers, but sometimes love just isn’t enough. This book tells the story of Lell’s Cafe from conception to the last lights out. It is a collection of memories, but it also includes a few of the most loved and most requested recipes from those who miss the cafe the most: the customers.

—Book Description from Amazon.com

Lell Trogdon is a serious advocate for local farmers and sustainable food. These days, she can be found at her food blog, Lell In A Handbasket. The blog features recipes, insights from her years in personal and professional kitchens, and some of her great food memories.

—About the Author

Click here to view the book on Amazon.

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