Editing for Bloggers

Why would a blogger need an editor?

If you are publishing content on your blog or website, you want to present the best content possible so that readers will engage with your ideas and return to your site. If you consistently publish information with grammatical, mechanical, or punctuation errors, your readers may begin to disengage with your content. The occasional typo can be overlooked, but if your content has many errors, your readership may be negatively affected.

Blog posts are often written on the spur of the moment or without intense planning, which is much different from how you would write other things like an academic essay or a novel. Blog posts do not usually go through the same rigorous editing process either. The nature of a blog is more casual, so the content is scrutinized a little less.

However, bloggers may still benefit from editing and/or proofreading. For this reason, Clicking Keys offers subscription services for bloggers priced depending on the number of monthly posts. The turnaround time is pretty fast, and the services are affordable.

Check out some of our clients’ comments:

After viewing her work on the Fail Flix blog, I asked Melissa if she could build a blog site for the Building Construction Trades program at York Technical College. She immediately went to work on the blog and had a site ready for review in a matter of hours. I was very pleased with the look and ease of use of our new blog. I continue to send her items for review.

Steve M.

When I started Fail-Flix, it was a text-only blog site. I began to add pictures here and there, but I wasn’t seeing much of an increase in traffic and attention, and there were a lot of issues with the site that I didn’t like at all and didn’t know how to fix. I requested a blog review as a Hail Mary, and the results were incredible! The packet I got back from them was amazing, and showed me everything that was wrong with my site AND how to fix it! Now the site has been completely overhauled, every review goes to Clicking Keys for editing before it is published on the site, and my traffic has increased substantially! Now I can rant about Hollywood’s crappiest on a site that is easy to manage, easy to navigate, and entertaining to look at! Thanks to Clicking Keys, Fail-Flix is finally taking off!

Jason @ Fail-Flix

Despite being completely overwhelmed with the process of building a web page, Melissa guided me through the difficult patches and assured me that the content was valid for building readership. She researched and shared excellent tools for helping me understand blogging and even managed to coerce me into the world of Twitter as a marketing tool. I was also astounded at how quickly, as an editor, she found my voice. When I post a new blog, it is clearly written in my style, my voice, and my intent but presents professionally and visually through her proper punctuation and grammar. In short, Lell In A Hand Basket exists because I had the sense to hire the perfect editor. Melissa consistently edits in record time, offers valid and informative suggestions for formatting, presentation and growth, and fixes broken links and formatting issues.

Lell @ Lell in a Handbasket

Whether you choose to use an editor or not, always take the time to make your content shine and avoid those glaring errors that people on the internet really enjoy pointing out.

Finally, thank you very much to our subscribers!

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