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I won’t write a blurb telling you about the fantastic and prompt service I always receive from Clicking Keys because I don’t want her to get so booked that I can’t use her. But if you don’t hire this woman, you’re a moron.

– John G. Hartness of Falstaff Books

Melissa helped me edit my Air Force JAG application motivational statement, which is basically a souped up cover letter telling the Air Force why you are awesome and what super amazing skills you will bring to the Air Force. I have never been great at writing down good things about myself, much less ensuring these things fit on a standard letter-sized sheet of paper with one inch margins and 12-point font. I had a ton of information to cram in and needed it to sound like I was worth hiring, worth the loan repayment investment, and worthy of being an officer in the US Air Force. After three rejections and several revisions (Melissa basically started me over from scratch, outlining, and filling in gaps with more succinct descriptions), all the hard work paid off, and I was accepted! I couldn’t have done it without her mad writing and editing skills. She’s amazing!

– Sarah Edgecomb

Melissa provided detailed edits and overarching points on the story itself. I feel like I have great direction to work in now.

– J. D. Blackrose

I have worked with Melissa on one novel-length project and found her to be insightful, aggressive with the written language, and a stickler for correct punctuation.  She is also capable with voice, point of view, and story arcs.  I would recommend her as a writing mentor and teacher. She is capable of excellent evaluation for fiction, and she is a good developmental and line editor.  She is probably capable of great more than I know; however, I can recommend her for the skill sets I have named.  I have found her to be honest, devoted, discreet, and politely candid.

– Faith Hunter

Melissa’s critique was exactly what I was looking for. It’s obvious Melissa really took the time to read my story. Her comments were insightful and helpful. She pointed out what she liked about the story, what got her interest, and then where I could improve. The questions she asked were on point and made me think about how I could make the work better. All in all, her critique is a valuable tool, not only for revision of the story submitted, but for every story I write in the future. I’ll be using her services again. Thanks, Melissa!

– Carol M.

I asked Melissa to give me a hand with designing a rack card to advertise a continuing education course that I wanted to promote. She reviewed my initial design and made several changes to my design that made the card much more professional looking and attention grabbing. I was surprised and delighted with the changes. I think the changes will definitely make a difference and help us to generate more interest in the course. This was not the first time that I had utilized the services of Clicking Keys. After viewing her work on the Fail Flix blog, I asked Melissa if she could build a blog site for the Building Construction Trades program at York Technical College. She immediately went to work on the blog and had a site ready for review in a matter of hours. I was very pleased with the look and ease of use of our new blog. I continue to send her items for review. I am constantly amazed at the variety of services available through Clicking Keys and the level of professionalism that is the hallmark of the service. I highly recommend contacting Melissa for any writing/design project.

– Steve @ York Technical College 

When I started Fail-Flix, it was a text-only blog site. I began to add pictures here and there, but I wasn’t seeing much of an increase in traffic and attention, and there were a lot of issues with the site that I didn’t like at all and didn’t know how to fix. I requested a blog review as a Hail Mary, and the results were incredible! The packet I got back from them was amazing, and showed me everything that was wrong with my site AND how to fix it! Now the site has been completely overhauled, every review goes to Clicking Keys for editing before it is published on the site, and my traffic has increased substantially! Now I can rant about Hollywood’s crappiest on a site that is easy to manage, easy to navigate, and entertaining to look at! Thanks to Clicking Keys, Fail-Flix is finally taking off!

– Jason @ Fail Flix

I have worked with Melissa on both mentoring as well as editing a full length manuscript. I found her to be professional, insightful, and an invaluable asset. She helped point out flaws as well as positives. She was enthusiastic and friendly. In addition she taught me writing tools to use in my future works. I will be using her services again in the future and give her my highest recommendation.

– Leann Rettell

I have always accepted that I am a good storyteller, but not a great writer. What I did not realize when I hired Melissa was her considerable scope for internet publishing! Despite being completely overwhelmed with the process of building a web page, Melissa guided me through the difficult patches and assured me that the content was valid for building readership. She researched and shared excellent tools for helping me understand blogging and even managed to coerce me into the world of Twitter as a marketing tool. I was also astounded at how quickly, as an editor, she found my voice. When I post a new blog, it is clearly written in my style, my voice, and my intent but presents professionally and visually through her proper punctuation and grammar.

In short, Lell In A Hand Basket exists because I had the sense to hire the perfect editor. Melissa consistently edits in record time, offers valid and informative suggestions for formatting, presentation and growth, and fixes broken links and formatting issues. I have also hired Melissa to edit a book about Lell’s Café. With one read through, Melissa saw the potential for a more relevant format and solved several of my issues with story content. I look forward to moving into the publishing phase knowing that I have hired someone that understands the rules and regulations of publishing with excellent editorial guidance.

– Lell Trogdon @ Lell in a Handbasket

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